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Welcome to The John Dickson Carr Collector. This site is for the Carr enthusiast as well as the Carr collector. I have included the cover art for Carr's hardbacks and paperbacks  as well as publication information to help in identifying first editions. The pictures are arranged by Carr's detectives (Dr. Fell, Sir Henry Merrivale, and Henri Bencolin) and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate picture at the left of this page.  Also, you can search for a particular title using the search form. The original plot synopses for all of the paperbacks are now included as well.

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John Dickson Carr was a writer in the "Golden Age" of mysteries, and he was one of the best. In his books you will not find child molesters, serial killers with a taste for liver, or melancholy P.I.'s filled with two slugs of bourbon. Rather, you will find mysteries that are cleverly crafted and that above all else adhere to the rules of "fairplay". Carr was a stickler for playing fair with the reader; There are no secret passages, unknown poisons, or last-chapter appearances by unknown characters. All of the clues needed to solve the mystery are presented and with keen observation and perseverance the reader has every chance of doing so.

Though Carr was an American most of his books (especially the early ones) were set in England. He moved to England with his wife (her native country) in 1933 and they lived there for a number of  years before moving back permanently to the states in 1965. While living in England in the 1930's Carr was invited to join the London Detection Club. Some of its members included Anthony Berkeley, Margery Allingham, G.K. Chesterton, E.C. Bentley, Dorothy L. Sayers, John Rhode, and Agatha Christie. Carr was one of only two Americans to have been a member. Carr was awarded an Edgar in 1950 by the Mystery writers of America for his Conan Doyle biography. He was also awarded the highest honor by the MWA in 1970; the title of Grand Master.


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